Don’t worry this is still a game dev blog, but I will occasionally make some posts about other stuff happening in the game industry, and E3 is one of the biggest things in the game industry. Some new games shown off, some old games with new footage, whatever the case here are the 10 games of the show that got me most excited.

10. Control – I’m not a huge fan of shooters but Control feels like it stands out a bit with a really strange environment-shifting sci-fi setting that looks like it was inspired by the movie Cube. If they add in some horror elements too it could be pretty sweet.

9. Super Mario Party – Unfortunately I think my days of regular local multiplayer are mostly behind me, but I have still been holding out hopes that a new Mario Party would come along that went back to the individual character board progression style of the old games, which me and my family loved to death. Will this be the one? And even if it is, will I ever get people together to play it? Who knows?! I hope so.

8. Death Stranding – I love Kojima’s artistic vision even, especially when it gets ridiculously over-the-top, and Death Stranding looks ridiculously over-the-top. But… what is the gameplay? All we see in the trailer is walking? Surely Kojima isn’t making a walking sim? Well, I trust that there is more to it, and the presentation is certainly compelling.

7. The Last of Us Part II – I only recently played The Last of Us with the Remastered version on PS4, and although it was less of a horror game than I had hoped, it was still a very great experience. I wish Naughty Dog were more innovative, but they are very good at taking industry staples and creating an excellent product out of them, and part II looks like it should live up to the first.

6. Beyond Good and Evil 2 – I absolutely adored the first Beyond Good and Evil and everything about 2 looks pretty awesome so far. Except, again, what is the gameplay? Why are we still only seeing cinematic trailers when this game has (supposedly) been in development for years and years? Can’t put it up much higher on my list without seeing gameplay.

5. Daemon X Machina – I theoretically love mech games even though, for some reason, I barely play any, but Zone of the Enders 2 is one of my favorite games ever and I’ve been hoping for a 3rd. That may never happen, but Daemon X Machina has an impressive looking trailer and it could scratch that itch. It’s hard to say how this one will turn out though, I don’t know enough about the developers to get expectations too high yet.

4. Cyberpunk 2077 – I’m not sure exactly if the gameplay will be up my alley or not but wow, the setting for this game is sweet. I’m a big fan of cyperpunk and in games it usually gets thrown on top as dressing, but it looks like they went all out to create a whole detailed world here. I anticipate watching how this one comes together.

3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Hmm, where to even start with this one? Admittedly, I’d be more excited for Smash 5. But if they had to do a… what would you even call this? Port? Remake? Kind of sequel but without much new content? Whatever the case, if they had to do this, they sure are doing it right. It looks absolutely packed with content (every previous Smash character ever + some new + most? previous Smash stages?) and the new tweaks will surely make it the best Smash yet.  Also, playable Ridley!!!

2. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – I was already sold on “a new game in the world of Life is Strange that is free and coming in just a few weeks” but this trailer looks so good. It really manages to capture that youthful creativity and excitement, and it (hopefully) will show us that there are lighter stories taking place in the world of Life is Strange as well.

1. Resident Evil 2 (Remake) – GOTS. To be honest I played the original Resident Evil 2 was my 3rd Resident Evil game, which I played after the amazing 4 and the excellent Gamecube remake of 1, so it felt a bit antiquated, and it didn’t end up one of my favorites in the series like it seems to be for most people. With that said, the characters and setting and everything are great so I certainly don’t mind revisiting that story, and it looks like they are basically making it a Resident Evil 4 style game (at least with the camera and controls) with totally revamped gameplay and everything, so… I’m sold. But I still need to finish Resident Evil 7!