Timeline of yesterday (and this morning):

6:30 am – Get up to get ready for work.
3:30 pm – End a busy day of work.
4:00 pm – Take a nice walk.
4:30 pm – Decide to change the colors of my wind object so that it will stand out better from the backgrounds it is often used on (the wind is two different shades of blue, and a lot of my backgrounds are also primarily one or multiple shades of blue as well.) I project this will take about 15 minutes.

Ha ha.

5:30 pm – Wow I can’t… quite… find the right mix. Either it doesn’t stand out enough or the colors feel wrong.
6:30 pm – Am I seriously still working on changing two little colors?
7:00 pm – FINE. WHATEVER. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. I’LL HAVE TO LIVE WITH CLOSE ENOUGH. (For now.) Time to do a build, do backups and enjoy the rest of my night.

Ha ha.

7:05 pm – Hmm, the game got all the way to the end of the build and then crashed with errors. That’s odd, literally all I did was upload a new spritesheet, that shouldn’t change much. Well, I’ll just try again.
7:10 pm – It didn’t build again? Ok it’s probably just some Unity glitch, a reboot should fix this.
7:15 pm – Ok, still not building. Weird. I guess I’ll just revert back to yesterday’s working version and upload the spritesheet again. But first I’ll just test yesterday’s working version which is OBVIOUSLY still going to work because it worked then and nothing has changed…

Ha ha.

7:20 pm – Ok yesterday’s version isn’t working either for some reason. I guess I’ll go back further.
7:30 pm – Wait, weeks old versions aren’t working either now? How is this even possible? All of these various versions worked when I saved them?!!?

Hours and hours of troubleshooting which involves loading various past versions, which seem to work inconsistently, trying to slowly move forward from working versions to figure out what is wrong, everything breaks again but I can’t pinpoint it, start over.

Eat dinner somewhere in there.

2:00 am – It APPEARS that whenever I do anything that affects this one specific tileset, the game will no longer build after that. But it’s way too late to fully test this. And even if that is the case, I’m not totally sure what to do since that is an important tileset that I will need to update regularly again in the future. Well, whatever, time for bed.
3:30 am – Actually fall asleep somewhere around here.
6:30 am – Get up to get ready for work again.

Game dev is so much fun.