Hey all, some huge news here. My wife and I are moving to Toronto this summer!

It’s difficult to predict what this will mean for In Retrospect, but an international move is, as I am sure you can imagine, a lot of work, so it’s probably safe to say that it will push back the release date a bit. If you have been following In Retrospect for long enough, another pushed back release date won’t be any kind of surprise though, lol.

With that said, I have been making serious progress on the game! I’ve been using a lot of feedback from the demo especially to enact some big changes (like adding checkpoints!), as well as polishing up a lot of smaller things. At this point pretty much all of the planned assets are finished, and the story mode is more or less finished as well.

So what is left? Good question, maybe writing this blog post will help me straighten that out in my head. Some things that still need to be completed:

  • Some minor polishing up of some graphical assets
  • Some minor polishing up of the story mode stages
  • Making the story mode stages playable in the challenge mode (probably broken up into smaller packages in some form)
  • Adding around 15-20 more mini stages for the challenge mode (this shouldn’t be TOO bad, each one usually only takes me 2-3 sessions of work to complete)
  • Adding in some of the various planned game settings
  • Fixing up the few known bugs at the moment
  • Testing, testing, testing… which of course leads to discovering more bugs, so fixing those up as well!

I want to say that is it, but can it really be it? I have to be forgetting something, right?! But no, I think this is it. I may actually finish this game in the foreseeable future!

But as for the immediate future, it’s time to pack…