Get it? Because that’s the name of my game!

It’s been awhile since my last update. I live in Toronto now! Sort of! I mean, I definitely live here, but technically I’m still a visitor until my permanent residency comes through. Immigration is rarely a quick process in normal times, but Covid backlogs mean this could be awhile.

So what is the state of In Retrospect? It’s actually in a pretty good spot right now. Due in part to not being able to legally hold a job in Canada yet, I’ve been getting a ton of game dev work done! The story mode is completed, and I’m basically just knocking out the leaderboard-driven challenge stages right now. I promised over 40 of them (which, to be frank and specific, means there will be exactly 41 total) and I only have 8 left to create. A single challenge stage takes me about 3-5 days to create, so that’s probably about a month of work to get them finished, give or take. After that there really isn’t a ton left to do outside of some minor additions, polishing everything up, testing, testing, testing and fixing whatever (hopefully minor) bugs that I find.

But this is game dev, and moreso this is life, so who knows what may or may not get in the way. With that said, barring any wild unforeseen circumstances, I hope to release In Retrospect in early to mid 2022. Yeah yeah, I know I have been overly optimistic about release dates in the past, but I really am running out of things to do on this game at this point.

I’ve been too busy to get any new press kit level screenshots, but my wife and her art friends have been doing these art square things where you put a picture of yourself in between 8 pieces of your art, and it looked neat, so I decided to do it for In Retrospect. I think of myself as an excellent musician and a pretty solid programmer and designer, but not quite an impressive visual artist… yet. Nevertheless, here is a rare picture of myself + some pixel art, all from recently designed challenge stages.

And that’s it, for now. If all goes well my next update will be talking about a release date. Maybe!

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