Which means I need to stop calling it “this runner game I’m making about life which is totally not an endless runner since those mostly bore me” soon, right? But I’m definitely not ready to pick a final name yet. So I gave it a code name: The Memory Project. Because to call it a game about life isn’t quite accurate. It’s probably more accurate to say it is a game about perception, and how we tend to remember things our own ways for our own reasons. Well, actually it’s a game about running around collecting GOODTHINGS and avoiding BADTHINGS and such. It can be two things!

Anyway, after tons of working on new code and reworking old poorly written code and such, I now have things set up to semi-efficiently? spawn a bunch of the stuff I need on the fly and get rid of it when I no longer need it, essentially limiting what is running at any given moment to what is on-screen (and slightly off-screen.) AND I built a whole “stage” with this new code that, unlike my old attempts at building stages, runs fairly well, even on my garbage old laptop with stuff flying all over the screen. Not as much stuff as I intend to have flying all over the screen in final stages, but enough for what would be an early stage in the game. This is progress.

I put “stage” in quotation marks above because I didn’t really bother overly much with that whole “level design” thing, I just kind of wanted to get SOMETHING put together to make sure all of this new code works well. Still, it’s getting to the point where I might be able to show off some stuff soon.

…ish. Soonish. I’ll keep you posted.

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