Apparently the way that I was getting the length of an animation works in Unity’s editor but not at run-time, something that was not immediately evident because the animation length was *almost* a second long and, since it couldn’t grab the length at run-time the way that I was trying to make it, it just threw a 1 in there instead for some reason. Which led to the things I was basing off of that animation time to be *almost* working right but not quite, and me taking way too long to finally pinpoint why this was the case and fix things. Well, hopefully fix things, although it was 5 in the morning and I was barely awake when I finally got it working so I didn’t really bother testing it all too well. I guess I will see today if it actually works correctly.

I think sometimes people hear that I am making a game and they’re like “Oh wow, that sounds fun!” and well… they’re half right. It’s fun for sure, and I’m very glad that I’m doing it, but it’s not all conceptualizing and level designing and such. It’s also a lot of annoyingly frustrating bug fighting nights as well, the kind that make you doubt your skill… and sanity.

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