Well, it’s not totally my fault. Between interviewing for a lot of jobs, accepting a new job and preparing for it, looking for and buying a new car, a trip to Canada, spending days and days and days finding a decent apartment to move to in order to be closer to my new job, and packing in order to move (in a few days) it has been a very busy summer. As a teacher I usually use my free time in the summer to really go at my game hard and get a lot done, but this summer was the opposite. I barely got anything done on the game. Nearly 2 months with maybe 3 or 4 hours total work done on the game. I usually get that much done almost every day in summer. Disappointing but what can you do? Had some necessarily life changes to execute.

The new job seems like it will be pretty exciting though. I get to teach a computer science class to high schoolers, and this will include game design segments. I’ve taught a little bit of game design in elementary but I always had to sneak it in between a bunch of other stuff. Now I get to focus an entire class on programming and I’ve been given a lot of free reign to decide how to implement that. The administration and students seem legitimately excited that this will include game development too, so it doesn’t feel like I’m forcing this on anyone (in fact, I think my game dev background is a big part of why I was hired.) And I start the job with only this one class to teach each day, so in addition to helping out with the tech support at the school I will (supposedly) have a lot of time to build this class and future computer science classes, and (supposedly) will have a large say in what kind of stuff will be taught in future classes. They’re really looking to me to help build their computer science program.

But yeah, I need to get back to the game. I had gotten pretty far along before the summer hit, though deciding to (at least for now) do my own art slowed down the progress of the game significantly. Or maybe it didn’t slow it down, since art is necessary, but it was definitely not something I had originally had planned on doing, so it felt like a setback. There is still a pretty serious amount of art to get done.

I think I will have time once this move is finalized though. I think. I don’t foresee any obstacles…

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