I was bored and not really in the mood to do another long work session today so I threw together some dev stats for my game instead.  My first game.  Not sure if these numbers make sense for the type of project I am doing but whatever.


Date started: November 14, 2013
Years worked: About 3 2/3 years
Hours worked: God, who knows? Hundreds? Thousands?!
Projected finish date: Fall 2018!!!

Project folder size: 4.44 GB
Assets folder size: 534 MB
          Art assets size: 211 MB
          Audio assets size: 100 MB (23 songs + SFX, this will probably be much larger when I put the audio in its final format)
Build (playable .exe) size: 660 MB

Total scenes: 40
Total prefabs (game objects): 1,081
Total scripts: 88 (+ some 3rd party scripts)
Total lines of code: 19,987 (+ 3rd party code)

Largest scripts by lines of code:
          1. Player Controller: 3,085
          2. Menu Manager: 2,370
          3. Stage Manager: 1,932
          4. Non Player Controller: 1,400
          5. Non Player State Manager: 1,366

Largest scripts by file size:
          1. Player Controller: 126 KB
          2. Menu Manager: 97 KB
          3. Stage Manager: 88 KB
          4. Dialog Content: 74 KB (will get much larger when I actually write dialog…)
          5. Save / Load Manager: 70 KB

Smallest script:
          1. Spawn When Needed: 1 KB, 7 lines of code (I made an entire script that essentially just holds a single variable and I honestly can’t remember why…)

And of course this is a work in progress so many of these numbers will get much bigger…

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