On the one hand, I implemented a working double jump on my own, which made me feel smart and stuff. On the other hand, I started at 1 am thinking I could throw it together in an hour or so and instead it took me a bit over 5 hours because I made the poor assumption that my character was actually grounded and “isgrounded” would return true whenever he was, you know, standing on the ground… I found out too late in the process that this was not the case. So I had to throw together a hack to take into account the fact that isgrounded seemed to be in a weird state of near constant flux.

I guess I need to work on my character / platform hit detection and get that nice and tight so important things like whether my character is touching the ground return true consistently before I go much further with everything else because I really don’t want to rely on hacky code. But… my hacky double jump does appear to work as it should so far so yeah, ultimately I consider it a success.

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