Well, I’m getting married.  Actually that is kind of old news at this point, the engagement was last year.  But the wedding planning has started in seriousness this year, and oh boy, it’s a pretty huge project!  Especially if you are like my fiance and I and basically want to do everything yourselves in your own creative ways.

So, to be quite honest, the game has taken the back burner for a bit.  I’m still working on it but between my day job and wedding planning it has been tough to find the time and energy for it.

What I have found time for is to is work on the main character design again.  I never really finalized a main character design that I liked in the past, so I made a sort of abstract character as a placeholder.  I decided to go back to old designs though and tweak them a bit, bringing back the helmet but adding stars on the glass of the helmet (which look pretty cool when it animates but I’ll save that for another update) and I think I’m finally falling upon something that I’m happier with.  Oh, and I’m adding a cape (VERY much still a work-in-progress) because why not, capes are cool.


I’ll try to keep things updated regularly but there may not be a ton to say until after June 22nd when I can dive back into this much deeper again.